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Bridge Loans has been in existence inside the South African monetary industry since 1994. Since then it has developed a good reputation and has become highly respectable. There are more than 175 divisions nationwide and grows.

If you are in need of supplemental income to pay for your educational costs fees or for hospital bills, Bridge Loans might have the best solution to your requirements. If you’ve been planning on producing some renovations against your home or you employ a wedding coming up, easy from Bridge Loans may give you the economic boost you need. Penalized individuals can expect to become assisted by Association Loans; however this can come at the cost of a greater interest rate charged.

Why should you Bridge Loans?

  • This organization offers loans that are available to blacklisted individuals
  • Loans are given through an easy on the web application process. There are no lists to wait in and also face-to-face interviews with consultants
  • Existing shoppers have the option of a tube or top up loan. Once the past loan has been paid out in full, they are due to the option of getting a different loan without having to re-apply
  • There is not any collateral required, hence applicants don’t need to bother about having to provide virtually any assets as surety for the loans
  • If you need a loan product for short term wants, Bridge Loans could be ideal for your needs

What could be the qualifying criteria?

You has to be above the age of 16 years

You must provide proof of employment

How can one apply for Passage Loans?

  • Simply complete an internet based application by visiting a website
  • You can also apply in-branch in any of Bridge Loans’ a lot of branches nationwide

Friendly and valuable support staff members are around for assist you. There are also qualified advisors to guide you all through the process.

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